Sustainable development by nudging

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GreeNudge working on how we can reach UN Development Goals with nudging. Our team with advisers and researchers help clients implement health and sustainability strategies. This is done by designing and implementing interventions in supply chains, increasing employee knowledge, and designing products that create more sustainable consumer behaviour.

Sustainable development is about changing the behaviour of individuals, teams and organizations. Private and public organizations have become increasingly interested in nudging over the past decade.

Research in behavioural economics and psychology has largely confirmed what Nobel Prize winners Daniel Kahneman and Richard Thaler have discovered: We are not as rational as we would like to be and want to be. Most decisions in everyday life are automatic and make many mistakes.

For example, these fallacies may be that we are influenced by our habits and do not necessarily make the best choice, even though we understand that a choice is good for us. Research has shown us what mistakes we typically make and we can use this knowledge to create interventions to make better choices. Better choices for us, for the society and for the environment and nature.

At GreeNudge, we help design more effective interventions that nudge people toward better choices. It´s have been used nudges in several areas, such as increasing sales of more environmentally friendly products, getting people to eat healthier or reducing power consumption.