Samira Lekhal

Chairman of the board and project manager

Samira Lekhal has studied medicine and psychology, is a specialist in internal medicine and has a doctorate in prevention of obesity and lifestyle disease is among the leading experts in obesity and life diseases in Norway.

In GreeNudge, Samira works to promote health and sustainability through nudging/behavioral economics and collaborates with several of Norway’s largest food producers. Samira leads the work on how the design of grocery stores and canteens can influence customers to choose healthier and more sustainable. Samira also holds lectures and courses.

Samira is the head for the children and youth department at the Morbid Obesity Centre, Vestfold Hospital Trust. She also leads the national competence program “From Knowledge to Action – Overweight and obesity in children and adolescents”, that aims at promoting healthy eating habits and prevent overweight and lifestyle disease in children and adolescents. Samira is the initiator and leader of the GreeNudge project «Healthier Kids», which works on improving the quality of food in Norwegian kindergartens and after-school programs.


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