Helena Slapø

General manager and PhD candidate

Helena Slapø is the general manager of GreeNudge and has core competence in the environment, food and consumer behavior.

Helena holds a MCs in Economics and Business Administration from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), specializing in energy, natural resources and the environment. Helena is a PhD candidate in behavioral economics at OsloMet, funded by the Norwegian Research Council and GreeNudge. The PhD project looks into how one can influence consumers to choose healthy and more environmentally friendly food in grocery stores.

In GreeNudge, Helena works with health and sustainability projects for various players in the food industry. She has also contributed to the development of the «Healthier Kids» competence project, which works on improving the quality of food in Norwegian kindergartens and after-school programs. Helena regularly holds guest lectures, lectures and courses in behavioral economics, nudging and consumer environmental emissions. Helena has previously worked for the Zero Emission Organization.


Scientific publications:

Slapø H, Schjøll A, Karevold KI, Sandaker I, Lekhal S. Using choice architecture interventions to nudge costumers towards healthier food purchases in real-life grocery stores. A review. (In review)

Slapø H, Karevold KI. Simple Eco-Labels to Nudge Customers Toward the Most Environmentally Friendly Warm Dishes: An Empirical Study in a Cafeteria Setting. Front. Sustainable. Food Systems 2019.

Lekhal S, Slapø H, Schjøll A, Bugge A, Karevold KI. Atferdsøkonomiske virkemidler i helsefremmende arbeid: hvordan kan utforming av restauranter og kantiner fremme sunnere valg?» Norsk Tidsskrift for Ernæring. 2019.

Karevold KI, Lekhal S, Slapø H. Hvordan påvirke forbruker til å velge sunnere mat? Endringer i omgivelsene kan fremme sunnere valg. Norsk tidsskrift for Ernæring. 2017