Analysis and evaluation

We work with knowledge dissemination, strategic implementation and practical tools that promote healthier and sustainability. GreeNudge's practices are based on scientific research on what factors most effectively influence people to eat better. Below is an overview of previous analysis and evaluation projects.

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Analysis and evaluation of norgesgruppen´s health and sustainability strategy

GreeNudge has analysis how changes in the design and the use of nudges in NorgesGruppens stores have affected sale of various healthy foods in recent years. NorgesGruppen is the largest grocery store chain in Norway with more than 1800 stores. The project has led to several reports.

Report on development in sale of fruit and vegetables sold in NorgesGruppen stores, 2015-2019. (only available in Norwegian).

Report on development of sugar sold in NorgesGruppen stores, 2015-2018. (only available in Norwegian).

Report on development in sale of whole grain products sold in NorgesGruppen stores, 2014-2016. (only available in Norwegian).


In 2019, GreeNudge partnered with Pure CSR Consulting AS on the BehavioralLab project, launched in early 2020. The goal is to use insights from behavioral science, specifically behavioral economics, to help realize the UN Development Golas by providing an evidence-based tool for organizations. The team consists of advisors and researchers. In this context, Samira Lekhal and Helena Slapø are senior advisers and Linda Mathisen project coordinator.

You can read more about BehaviourLab here.