The vision of GreeNudge is to create better health and increase sustainability for everyone by collaborating across professionals, the food industry and decision-makers. We vork with several customers who contribute to our vision.

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Help with a healthier shopping basket

The National Public Health Report shows that 7 out of 10 Norwegians want a healthier lifestyle. The GreeNudge team offers guidance and tools that contribute to a healthier and more sustainable diet. Together with Trumf, we now offer a selection of Trumf members free diet guidance through 2-4 individual conversations. For registration or more information, send an email to project coordinator Kristin Fjæra:


Obesity are a growing problem and it can be difficult for both health professionals and most people to find good and quality-assured information and tools about the team. offers knowledge and tools for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, healthy weight and better health. will contribute to building bridges and filling the knowledge gap between most people, patients and healthcare personnel. will also contribute to ensuring that most people eat and move more in line with national recommendations for diet and physical activity. has brought together a number of the most skilled professionals in Norway, who all contribute knowledge in their field.

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Environmental behavior among employees

Many companies today work with sustainability and we have seen increasing interest in working with environmentally friendly behavior among employees. We contribute with knowledge promotion, concrete measures and nudging of the employees to more climate-friendly choices in everyday life. In addition, we have developed digital tools to measure the effect of the measures to ensure that the measures have an effect. In the autumn of 2021 we startd work with the law firm Thommessen - with their habits in transport, food, consumption, housing, construction and energy at work and in the private sector.

Development of Check Your Lifestyle

GreeNudge evaluates and verifies companies' internal health measures as a third party with professional weight. For companies to know how measures that affect employees' actual health, we have developed the improvement tool "Check your lifestyle". This is a digital tool that charts diet and physical activity and at the same time tips and nudges for improvement. 1.0 version of "Check your lifestyle" is developed for internal use in companies / municipalities. The check may also include other areas such as personal or corporate environmental footprint. We can make adjustments for your company. Get in touch if you want to hear more.

Evaluation and development of dietary insight in the Trump app

GreeNudge has in collaboration with Trump worked to develop a completely new service in the Trump app. The service gives customers the most possible insight into their food purchases, such as which foods they buy the most from, and the nutritional content of the goods. The goal of dietary insight is for the customer to gain knowledge to change their dietary habits. GreeNudge was commissioned to evaluate the service and ensure that the information and insights provided to the users of the app were safe and useful for customers. Our evaluation showed that users want such a service, and that they experienced it as useful, safe and easy to understand. In addition, we give advice on how the service should be built up so that it can "hide" / nudge the user towards a better and healthier food choice. Since the beginning of 2021, the service has been available in its entirety in the Trump app.  

Nudging in Meny online store

Together with the MENY online store, GreeNudge has worked on an exciting project that has aimed to make it even easier for customers to shop a little healthier than before. With the MENY online store, we have tested various nudges that make it easier for consumers to choose more fruit and vegetables, fish and seafood and products marked with the Keyhole. Nudging can be used in online stores to influence healthier and more sustainable choices without affecting freedom of choice. Using behavioral economics, one can design online stores in a way that facilitates healthier and more sustainable food choices for consumers.    

Analysis and evaluation of norgesgruppen´s health and sustainability strategy

GreeNudge has analysis how changes in the design and the use of nudges in NorgesGruppens stores have affected sale of various healthy foods in recent years. NorgesGruppen is the largest grocery store chain in Norway with more than 1800 stores. The project has led to several reports.

Report on development in sale of satuated fat sold in NorgesGruppen stores, 2017 2019. (only available in Norwegian)

Report on development in sale of fruit and vegetables sold in NorgesGruppen stores, 2015-2019. (only available in Norwegian)

Report on development of sugar sold in NorgesGruppen stores, 2015-2018. (only available in Norwegian)

Report on development in sale of whole grain products sold in NorgesGruppen stores, 2014-2016. (only available in Norwegian)

Non-profit project «Healthier Kids»

GreeNudge, together with the Morbid Obesity Center, Children and Adolescent Department in Norway, took the initiative to the project called “Healthier Kids” (SunnereBarn in Norwegian). Healthier Kids goal is to improve the food offered in kindergartens and schools all over Norway. Kindergartens and after school programs that participate get access to courses, training materials and knowledge that facilitates and streamlines the work with food and meals. The project sheds light on how leaders in the education sector such as kindergartens and after-school clubs can promote healthier diets within their units. From 2018 to 2020, the project was financed by the Gjensidige Foundation and from 2020 the project is financed by the Sparebankstiftelsen. SunnereBarn also collaborates with private food suppliers such as ASKO, Mills, Notura, Lerøy, BAMA and Lerum.

Until now, 7,500 employees and 44,000 children have participated in SunnereBarn.

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Phd-project: Effects of «Healthier Kids»

GreeNudge has received funding for a PhD project for Kristin Fjæra from the Research Council of Norway. The research project will examine The PhD project will evaluate measures to promote a better diet and increased eating pleasure in kindergarten and afterschool programs based on data from the GreeNudge initiative “Healthier Kids”. Project period is 2020-2024. Learn more here

Phd-project: Nudging in supermarkets

GreeNudge has received funding for a PhD project for Helena Slapø from the Research Council of Norway. The research project will examine how one can get consumers choose healthier and more environmentally friendly foods in grocery stores. NorgesGruppen is a partner and the Research Council finances the project. Prosject period: 2018-2022.

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